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Founded in 2015, The Lafayette Company is a full service political communications firm based in Washington, D.C.. At The Lafayette Company, we are passionate about delivering real results for our clients, helping them meet immediate needs and achieve long-term goals in the political, policy, non-profit and corporate sectors.

Our portfolio of past and current clients includes presidential cabinet and diplomatic nominees, think tanks, non-profit organizations, media companies, large corporations and political campaigns at every level of government. 


The Lafayette Company thrives at the intersection of “the two worlds” of communications and politics. We provide:

  • Strategic guidance in public affairs, issue advocacy and political campaigns.

  • Smart brand and reputation management.

  • Effective and robust crisis management services.

  • Skilled media relations (story placement, television/radio bookings, story pitching).

  • Expert writing (press releases, editorials, Web content, direct mail, speeches).

  • Connectivity on all social media platforms.

  • Creative event planning (press conferences, hearings, conventions, speaking tours).

  • Savvy coalitions-building with key activists and stakeholders.

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"Humanity has won its battle.

Liberty now has a country."

-Marquis de Lafayette



Ellen is an expert communicator. She’s also a thoughtful, experienced problem-solver whose smart insights lead to real results.

Ellen is wise beyond her years. She has exhibited a keen knack for wordsmithing and reacting quickly, as is often necessary in the heat of a campaign.

Ellen has the creativity to come up with great ideas and the commitment to see them through. She just makes things happen.

Carmichael is well known to the political press corps as a reliable and responsible promoter...

“The Lafayette Company has been absolutely vital to building awareness of Legal Insurrection with its top-notch media relations, event planning, coalitions-building and editorial support.”

She can declare victory. She helped shepherd that campaign from an afterthought to a prominent, respected, front-running campaign.


We are looking forward to speaking to you soon.


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